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We kindly welcome you on the Internet website of the Digital Office of Government Administration of podlaskie voivodeship.  This web portal has been created for the customers of podlaskie administration with significant participation and help of Podlaskie Governor and 19 Partners, government administration offices from our region. The list of the Offices and description of Partners are available in the tab Offices. The present website facilitates communication with government administration offices of podlaskie voivodeship in an electronic way.

Digital Office of the Government Administration of podlaskie voivodeship is a site where citizens of podlaskie region have an easy access to an electronic services of government administration, which refer to almost every sphere of public life. Brief descriptions of all available services, provided by the government administration offices of podlaskie voivodeship can be found here.

The Internet platform allows the customers of administration to settle their cases in an electronic way. The approved solutions cause the virtual walk through the Portal pages is comfortable, easy and friendly. The portal creates possibility of effective notification of own case in an electronic way, by "holding customer's hand" in an electronic office. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the office is the possibility to check the case settlement progress.

We made an effort, the available tool was easy and practical in use. We are open to any suggestions and remarks concerning functioning of the portal. We kindly ask you to contact us through the contact form.

We will adjust the web portal to your needs and gradually complete by further services. Our desire is to constantly increase the quality of provided services, develop the transparency of conducted activities as well as simplify administrative procedures. Within the frames of the Project our Partners have been equipped with the systems of an electronic documents management (EZD), therefore, it is available not only to submit the application form in an electronic way but also to settle the case electronically.

We invite you to use e-services, submit remarks and cooperate with us.

General description of the government administration project in podlaskie voivodeship
„Implementation of electronic services for the citizens of podlaskie voivodeship – part II, government administration"


Project „Implementation of electronic services for the citizens of podlaskie voivodeship – part II, government administration" is the key project within Regional Operational Programme of Podlaskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013 from the priority axis IV – Informative Society. Realization time of the project is 2009 – 2014. The implementation area – podlaskie voivodeship. The project, covers by its range 20 government administrative units in podlaskie voivodeship.  The objective of the project is to implement IT system and deploy information and communication tools supporting activities and management of JAR in podlaskie voivodeship.

The investment aims at construction of the hardware-software platform serving government administration units – Digital Office of Government Administration. The platform consists of the shared part and parts integrated with the Digital Office, subsystems of electronic Document Management. From citizen's point of view government platform will be the component of homogenous service profile possessed by the Citizen on Wrota Podlasia (web portal of the Digital Office in podlaskie voivodeship) – both platforms will be integrated on the level of users' accounts and services. -  Digital Office system has already been integrated with an electronic Platform of Public Administration services - ePuap).

An integral area of the project realization is the construction of IT system supporting safety and security management in podlaskie voivodeship – e-security.  System aims at support of the duties realization on regional level in terms of security and crisis management in podlaskie voivodeship. It was implemented through the creation of shared, complex integration system, standardizing and arranging information from the organs and services in podlaskie region, responsible for the security, functioning within Crisis Management of Podlaski Voivode. The basic assumption of the created system is the increase of the security level in the region.

The basic products of the project „Implementation of electronic services for the citizens of podlaskie voivodeship – part II government administration" are electronic services of government administration (e-services) shared with citizens of podlaskie voivodeship.


Pełnomocnik Wojewody Podlaskiego ds. projektowych

Urszula Marta Czarnecka

Zastępca Dyrektora Wydziału Certyfikacji i Funduszy Europejskich Podlaskiego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego

tel. 85 7439497, 

Pełnomocnik Wojewody Podlaskiego ds. merytorycznych Projektu

Mariusz Madejczyk,
Pełnomocnik Wojewody Podlaskiego ds. informatyzacji województwa podlaskiego

tel. 85 7439242,